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    German Top Trumps

    There are 35 German Top Trumps -40 if you count the two (new) "Haie" Editions with red "Seaworld" Logo and the promotional packs "Marineschiffe", "Pferde" and "Harry Potter". Some of them are not available in other countries (e.g. "Schloss Einstein") others are exactly the same to the English Pack (e.g. "Angela Anaconda", "Hunde" and many others) or only differ in a few cards (e.g. "Wolkenkratzer").
    2006 Winning Moves Germany really pushed the brand, therefore we had many, many nice realeases. Let's just hope that it is continuing like this...

    Click here to view our German Super Top Trumps!

    Two Shops I highly recommend:
    Mucklstoys: Here you can get almost every German Pack and some STTs as well.
    Nig's Shop: Click here

    "Arten Trumpf"
    This is a very nice promo pack, which was produced for the German "Convention on Biological Diversity", which will be held in the End of May (2008). It also contains 30 cards but only has four statistics:
    "Gefährdung" - threat of extinction
    "Spezialisierungsgrad" - level of specialisation
    "Babyfaktor" - how good they reproduce
    "Aktionsradius" - operating range

    Released November, 2007, including all beloved comic characters and one of Michèle's favourites to play (at the moment ;).

    There's one STT (Kleopatra) and also a Booster Pack containing four STTs.

    "Angela Anaconda" (Out of print)

    Released in 2001 it is a quite rare pack. Though I think it is not as seldom as the English one -there are always a few on the legendary 3W market However, my pack is closed, so I can't say much more about it. To see a cards list click here to a very nice Trumpers site (thank you Rogue!).

    "Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen" (Out of print)

    Also released in 2001 it contains just the same cards/ statistics like the English version. Still, it is one of my favourites.

    "Sakrileg - Der Da Vinci Code" (Out of print)

    This pack came out just a few weeks after the movie was shown in the cinemas (2006). It's also identical to the English one. There's one STT: die Felsgrottenmadonna (=Madonna of the Rocks) which was also available in the first (German) "DVC Gameboard" edition. Click hereto see the nice Lady.

    One of the first German WM Top Trumps. There's one different card to the English version: Dimetrodon (instead of "Stenonychosaurus").
    "DC Super Heroes 1 und 2" (Both out of print)
    Another two identical packs to the British version, released in 2005 (DC1) and 2006 (DC2)...
    There are four STTs for the first pack (Commissioner Gordon, Bruce Wayne, Darkseid, Killer Frost) and another one for the second pack (Clark Kent) (click here to see them).
    "Düsenjets" (Out of print)

    As I (still) don't have the UK Version in my collection I don't know anything about any differences. The pack came out in April 2006.

    "Europäische Fussballstars"

    This pack was meant to be released 2001. But it never made it (official) to the shops. Luckily 300 are out there and I've even managed to get an open pack, so now I know that there are indeed many european football stars I do know  
    Anyway, the cards design is nice, my favourite green and HUUUGE portraits...

    "Haie und Rochen" (Out of print)

    Though the first edition had a "Sea Life" voucher as well just the new one announces it on the front (the red logo). As far as I know the cards are indentical to the English version.

    There's a very new edition with a bigger red logo on the front. 

    "Harry Potter und der Gefangene von Azkaban" and
    "Harry Potter und der Feuerkelch" (Out of print)

    The two HP packs were released in 2005. The cards are just like the English ones.
    There is one STT for the German "Feuerkelch" pack: Lord Voldemort (Click to have a look ) and also one for the "Azkaban" Pack: Hedwig!

    "Harry Potter und der Gefangene von Azkaban - Promopack"

    Tinka was very lucky and found that on Ebay.

    "Harry Potter und der Orden des Phönix"

    A new HP movie so here we have the newest pack in 2007. The cards are just like the English ones but there is one German STT Remus Lupin which is in its original British pack. Therefore the German pack differs in one card: Arthur Weasly. (Click here to see Mr. Lupin ).

    Also, there is a Booster pack, which contains Weasley as a STT!

    "Herr der Ringe - Die zwei Türme" (Out of print) (Released 2002)

    There are only German versions of "Return of the King" and "Two Towers". Both sets are very rare and hard to find. Luckily we managed to get a second and open pack .
    The statistics are the same to the British ones but unfortunately the nice shimmering gold letters are missing. So they are more like the US version.
    "Herr der Ringe - Die Rückkehr des Königs" (Out of print) (Released 2003)
    As this pack is sealed I have no idea if they are identical to the British ones. But there is a third pack for the German market: The Trilogy .
    There are two STTs: Der Fliegende Nazgul and Shelob. Unfortunately I don't have them in my collection (yet...).
    "Der Herr der Ringe - die Trilogie" (Out of print)
    The pack was released in 2004 and as far as I know it is only available in Germany. There is also a "booster pack" including four STT cards, which was handed out in 2005 at the German "Ring Convention". I've managed to get one as well . But it's sealed...(Click here)
    "Horror" (Out of print)
    Nearly the same as the English pack but with one different card:
    Der Greif (instead of "Doppelgänger"). There's no STT.
    "Hunde - The Dog"

    The "Hunde" pack came out 2006 with no real differences to the British pack -only the colour of the Collie card is blue instead of brown. Thanks to Lisa from the Top Trumps Forum for seeing that!

    "Indiana Jones" (Out of print)
    This pack was released 2008 just when the movie was shown in the cinemas. Like the British pack it contains characters from all four movies. There is also a German Booster with four STTs (young Indiana Jones, Maharadscha Zalim, Oberst Dietrich and Deutscher Soldat).
    "Marvel Comic Heroes 1 und 2" (Both out of print)
    Marvel one came out in 2002 and Heroes 2 in 2006. The cards are also the same as the English ones. The second Marvel pack just shows a different cover (Wolverine and not Hulk).
    There are two STTs for the first pack (Emma Frost and Rogue). Both cards are also included in the second pack and only differs in its colour.
    For Marvel 2 there's another booster pack including four STTs only available in Germany (Bullseye, Dark Phoenix, Onslaught, Pyro). (Click here to see them)
    Marineschiffe - Warships"

    Released in 2006 it also got a booster pack with four STTs ( USS Winston S. Churchill, SNS Principe de Asturias, DD(X) Zumwalt, Khaiber) (Click here to see them). Three of them are in the normal English pack, therefore there are three different cards as well included: F219 Sachsen, F216 Schleswig-Holstein and U31.

    Marineschiffe - Promopack"

    Released in 2007 it comes in a cardboard box just like the Weetabix Promo ones in the UK. Tinka and I have to send a HUUUUGE thank you to Matthias for that little BIG present!

    A great pack but only realeased in Germany (2006). The backsides of some cards give more information about horses and also four together shows a greater picture.
    There are four STTs: Knabstrupper, Mini-Shetland-Pony, Missouri Foxtrotter, Hispano-Araber. (Click here to see them)
    "Pferde Promo-Pack"
    Another sealed promopack Tinka spotted on Ebay.

    Thanks to my dad for the nice pictures!
    "Raubtiere" (Out of print)
    Also one of the first games, I think released 2002. Unfortunately I've sent out the card to get a pack for free, therefore the last card is missing...
    The cards are nearly the same, only the "Sibirische Tiger" has a different picture.
    Thanks to Lisa once more!
    "Schloss Einstein" (Out of print)

    Another "German only" pack, released 2004. It's about a teenage/ children series. I only saw a few episodes but guess it was a real "hype"...
    Again, to see the whole cards list click here to a very nice Trumpers site (thank you Rogue!).
    As far as I know, there are no STTs for this pack.

    "Shrek 2" (Out of print)

    Shrek 2 came out 2004. Again, same cards as the English pack.
    Actually there is also a "Frogking" (= Froschkönig) STT but unlike the British one it is REALLY rare, therefore I don't have it. (The card was only given out at a toys fair in Essen/ Germany.)

    "Die Simpsons"

    One of the most beloved families -also in Germany came out 2000 and was the very first pack (thanks for that info Michael!).
    The pack is just like the English one but there are no German STTs.


    Released in December 2005 it's a German Version of the British "Supercars 2" pack. Means: same cards with "translated" units ...
    There are four STTs, which came in a "Booster Pack" May 2007. (Click here to see them.)

    "Star Wars I-III" and
    "Star Wars IV-VI"
    Both packs came out 2005. They are also (nearly 100%) identical to the English versions. Only differs in one card: UK has Tion Medon, which is a STT in Germany. So there's the extra card Shaak Ti for the German one.
    (Thanks Lisa for pointing that out as my English packs are sealed!)
    There are some STTs: A three cards booster pack (Klon-Krieger, Kampfdroide, Tion Medon) for the first and Grossmufti Tarkin, Rancor, Teebo and IG-88 for the second pack. There is also a Darth Vader Promocard, which has a different rear from the packs card. (Click here to see them.)
    "Star Wars Raumschiffe"
    The third SW pack (released 2006) also includes just the same cards like the English one. BUT there's one special STT: Der Supersternzerstörer, which was given out by the OFSWC. (Click here to see it.)
    The "Millenium Falke" given out in the Revell Model Kits isn't really a STT as this card is in its original pack as well. The backside also doesn't say "Super Top Trumps". (Click HERE to see the card.)
    This Pack was released in July 2007. It is not so shiny like the British pack but contains the same characters...
    "Das Weltall"
    This Pack was released in 2005. Unfortunately I still don't have the English version but according to Rogue's list there are a few differences in pictures and shown phenomenas...
    "Weltwunder der Natur"

    The newest pack came out February 2007. I did hope that there would be other cards but unfortunately even the pictures are the same.
    BUT they changed two things:
    1. The distance is measured from Berlin.
    2. As it is the "living conditions" (=Lebensbedingungen) the numbers are the other way round. So for example the Moon has 100 in the British version and therefore 0 in the German one.

    "Wolkenkratzer" (Out of print)
    A Pack which is also one of my favourites, came out October 2005. Eight cards are different: Commerzbank Tower (see left), Fountain Place,Bank Of China Tower, Jin Mao Tower, The Centre, Central Plaza, Williams Tower, Emirates Towers are in the German pack and missing are: London Tower Bridge, Union Square Phase 7, Houses Of Parliament, Leaning Tower Of Pisa, World Trade Centre, 21st Century Tower, Total Fina Elf Tower, NatWest Tower. (Also many thanks Lisa for this list!) Also the Empire State Building, Freedom Tower and cover have different pictures. There's one STT: the MesseTurm. (Click here to see it.)
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